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Kitesurfing Spots around Cyprus

Kitesurfing Spots

Cyprus offers a good variety of kitesurfing spots, located in the Limassol district and fairly close to one another (about 10-30mins drive from one beach to the next). The most popular of these are:

–          Paramali Beach

–          Curium Beach

–          Lady’s Mile Beach

–          Avdimou Beach

–          Shipwreck Beach

Your choice of where to go will depend on factors such as wind direction, experience level, preferred sea conditions, style of riding etc. Please refer to the map below showing the location of each spot. Click on each name for detailed information and photos.

Paramali Beach

General: By far the safest place for beginners. This spot rarely attracts any tourists or swimmers even during the busiest summer months. It is favored by all riders, especially when the winds are light to moderate. This is where most of our lessons are conducted.

Wind Conditions: W or SW are the prevailing winds during the summer, which make the conditions side on-shore. This beach is not recommended during Easterly winds.

Sea Conditions: Flat water closer to shore, choppy further out.

How to get there: About 30mins drive from Limassol via the motorway. Take the first exit after the tunnel, then at the ‘STOP’ sign turn right and just before you reach the Turkish minaret turn left (by the house opposite the small church). Can be a bit tricky to find the turn leading to the beach which is one of the reasons it is such a quiet place. 

Tip: If the forecast says it will be windy, go to the beach early. Here the wind comes earlier than in other places and dies away earlier as well.

Curium Beach

General: Good place for those who enjoy riding waves. Not a beach for beginners. Can get very crowded during the summer. It is essential that you ride outside the swimmers’ designated areas (marked by red buoys).

Wind Conditions: W or SW winds make the conditions side-on-shore. This beach is not recommended during Easterly winds.

Sea Conditions: Vary from small chop to big waves. Usually small short breaking waves with some chop when W/ SW winds.

How to get there: 20mins drive from Limassol with direction Paphos. Follow the (???) exit sign from the motorway.


Lady’s Mile Beach

General: The only option during Easterly winds. Can be a fun place with short breaking waves even in low winds. Long, and for the most part empty coastline, will give beginners the chance to challenge and improve their skills.

Wind Conditions: During the winter months, Easterly winds are dominant, which make the conditions on-shore with a touch of side-shore. In W/ SW winds, conditions are off-shore with perfect flat water, but gusty. Not recommended as you can drift out to sea if something goes wrong.

Sea Conditions: Short breaking waves during Easterly winds.

How to get there: Find your way to the New Limassol Port (just follow the Limassol coastal road with direction Paphos) and you will see the signs at the Port’s round about. Only 10-15mins drive from Limassol center.

Avdimou Beach

General: good place for those who enjoy riding in flat water. Not as crowded as Curium and can be an ideal location for beginners, who can keep upwind, and for those who like to practice tricks in these conditions.

Wind Conditions: Mostly side-shore during W or SW winds. This beach is not recommended during easterly winds.

Sea Conditions: Flat water inside the bay, gets choppy outside.

How to get there: Easy access from the motorway, just take the ‘Avdimou’ exit and follow the signs to the Bay (not the village). Half-way between Limassol and Paphos (30mins drive from each town).

Tip: If you can’t get upwind, don’t go far out, otherwise you may end up going past the Bay and then you’ll be in for a long walk back.

Shipwreck Beach

General: A relatively hidden and forgotten beach that rarely attracts any attention. It has a few tricky spots that better be pointed out by those who know the place.

Wind Conditions: W or SW winds make the conditions mostly on-shore but the occasional NW winds will give you a perfect side-on-shore breeze. This beach is not recommended during Easterly winds.

Sea Conditions: Waves. If you catchthe right conditions you can find big waves and when combined with the occasional side-on-shore winds (NW) it will make your day!

How to get there: We’ll take you there.

Tip: If the conditions are right take a camera with you!