“Eightsmileys…all about Sports in Cyprus…we love the ocean ~ mountains ~ sports ~ nutrition ~ fitness and playing…healthy body & mind = life”

Eightsmileys projects through the years…dreaming leads to creating!

The tiny kite project!

Liquid Force_Kitesurfing (3)

Sewing the struts (dacron + foam) in place…

Liquid Force_Kitesurfing (2)

Voila…ready to fly!

Liquid Force_Kitesurfing (1)

This is how my surfboard used to look…

liquid force_surfboard_rawson

I had a Liquid Force surfboard from 2009 and it started looking a bit yellow, cracked from too much use in the sun and a bit of brutal strapless riding. When we first put the 2012 Liquid Force Envy in the sky…we were so amazed by the retro-lego design! I called a friend photographer Christos and asked if he could help me out! In no time i had a A4 paper printed with my surfboard, looking likean Envy…i was so stoked that i went to Super Home Center bought sprays, tapes, varnish, sandpapers and started the project! After a few days it was ready…as soon as i removed the tapes i was about to cry :) Went to Christos office-studio and he did the rest…enjoy :)

Photographer: Christos Hadjichristou / www.hadjichristou.com
Envy Designer: Julien Fillion / www.julienfillion.com
Paint Work: Filios Sazeides / www.eightsmileys.com

Liquid Force_Cyprus (2)

FCS honeycomb blue fins…perfect much!

liquid force_cyprus_surf1

Liquid Force_Cyprus (1)

This bike had been already 7 years old before it got a face lift :)

Orbea Before

Carbon fork, front disc brake, deore dérailleur, wellgo pedals, single front gear, different saddle, deore rear breaks, paint work, time-devotion-vision! 

Orbea After

The Bluegreen Lego board…

Eightsmileys_Longboard (2)


The little Lego pirate is looking for the treasure…while you are riding waves…

Eightsmileys_Longboard (1)Eightsmileys_Longboard (3)

This alaias had been quite easy to make…smooth to ride!

Eightsmileys_Alaias (2) Eightsmileys_Alaias (1)

An old board, totally worthless anymore…gave birth to smaller one…

Surfboard_Cyprus (2) Surfboard_Cyprus (3)

A bit of shaping, glassing, polyester glue…a gift for a friend!

Surfboard_Cyprus (4) Surfboard_Cyprus (1)

Paddle-helmet kitesurfer…


Eco friendly flip flops…

Eco_Flip Flops Eightsmileys Cyprus_Strapless


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